We have partnered with many domestic and international sponsors who share in our beliefs that everyone should have access to clean drinking water. We would like to thank all those who have supported us in our efforts to begin an educational campaign called PHASE (Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Education). The goal is to advance the communities interest in sustainable water, personal hygiene, sanitation, recycling and waste management initiatives. We hope to influence a generation through this social campaign that will be recognized and respected by both the Haitian government and private sectors. Here are few great organizations who have already extended their resources, which we are extremely grateful for.

Friends in Haiti

College  Mixte Communautaire de Blanchard
Mr. Louis Joseph Osnel; School Director and Liaison
Contact 011-509-3612-0801
Safewaterhaiti.com  formerly known as Waterschool.org
Lekol Dlo Haiti  (cap-Haitian)
Mr. Enoch Firmin

Light and Peace Missions
Pastor Bob Lefranc

Local Friends and Collective Partners

Amour Creole
Beyond Focus TV
Community 2 Community
Diaspora Community Services
HABNET (Haitian American Business Network)
HELP (Haitian Educators League for Progress)
SACD (Society for the Advancement of the Caribbean Diaspora)
Urban Buzz Magazine

Event Sponsors

Dream Team Events & Decor
So Major Boutique
Kinanm Lounge Inc.
Forever Young & Fly
R.A.W. Clothing
Fafane Cherie Photography/Graphics Design
Embellish Style
Triumph Muzik Inc