Founder’s Bio

Born in Brooklyn, NY to Haitian parents (Marie-Carmel Blanchard and Mario De’ Volcy) and although having lived in Haïti until the age of 6,  Soraya is a proud product of her parents native home country of Haïti. Soraya Denis earned a  Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Leadership ’10  (concentration on Public Policy) from St. John’s University and attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice as an undergrad and obtained a  Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies ’06. She plans on continuing her education  by obtaining candidacy for a Doctoral Program and has currently invested her personal studies in  international studies on economic development and theology.

On a 2008 trip to Haiti, the vision to have a water project based on educating communities on sanitation, hygiene and waste-management was born.  In the summer of  2011, Dlo Pou Viv (H2O)  was born and along  side a team of dedicated Board Members,  Team Leaders and Volunteers, Soraya hopes to take this organization to its greatest level of servitude to Haiti.

Soraya has worked in all levels of government, (from the Department of Justice; Homeland Security and presently a NYC Agency) and  understands the importance of civic duty/ civil obligations of public service. Having worked in a New York City social service agency at the start of her post graduate career, she  realized the importance of great leadership and how it effects it’s  community. Her personal beliefs have also afforded her a similar duty on servitude from a Christian outlook. These beliefs and  discipline are what ultimately carry the organizations mission and vision.