2014 Fundraiser Gala 4 Haiti



Time: 6pm
Location: Costa Del Sol 2443 Vauxhall Rd. Union, NJ

Dear Friends with a Giving Heart,

My call to action is to celebrate my God-Given 30th birthday to benefit Haiti. This will be done with your support to raise funds for Dlo Pou Viv H20 (translation Water for Life). This water well project will specifically drill a quality water well at an elementary school located in La Plaine, Haiti called Ecole Mixte Communautaire de Blanchard. With your support, we will raise 10,000 U.S dollars so that the children of Ecole Mixte Communautaire de Blanchard will not spend another school year without access to safe and clean water. This water well project will not only provide access to water to these children, but to the surrounding neighborhoods as well.

During my recent visit to Haiti this past spring 2014, as the Dlo Pou Viv Vice President of Health Education and Health Programs, I had the opportunity to visit Ecole Mixte Communautaire de Blanchard, a quaint elementary school, tucked away like a precious gem from the everyday hustle and bustle of the City. There, I met the school founder, Madame Marie Asse, and the school Director, Louis Osnel. Upon my arrival, they were overjoyed that a representative from Dlo Pou Viv was there to visit the school children. They graciously thanked Dlo Pou Viv for the school supplies that were shipped to them months prior and gave me a tour of their school grounds. Before I left that school that day, I made a promise to both the Founder and Director of the school. I promised them that WE, US, YOU will help them with all the school’s necessities and a water well by 2015.  By providing access to clean and safe water, we will reduce the spread of water borne illnesses such as cholera, typhoid, and malaria infections. Instead of hosting a big 30th birthday celebration, I have chosen to spear head this benefit night to help raise money for these children to have something that is taken for granted every day.  Most of us were blessed to have access to clean water when we were school-aged children. Don’t you think these children deserve the same human right? If so, this is how WE can raise 10,000 dollars to drill a sustainable water well by 2015.


Live Music by Oxygen Box Band ~ Original Soul, Rock and Reggae Band!


Spoken Word by Paul el Sadat

d_colinSpoken Word by D.Colin

Let us celebrate together to address this Cause  by attending my 30th Birthday Fundraiser Gala on December 6th 2014 at Costa Del Sol in Union, NJ or by making a gracious donation on my  secured event website where  you can  also conveniently purchase your tax deductible gala tickets. Together we can “Motivate, Mobilize and Make a Difference.”

With a giving heart,
Guerline M. Pierre